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Buying your Country Property

29th June 2020

Buying your country property can be a big step into the unknown. Not only do you now have a house to look after, with all its unknown quirks that you’ll only discover gradually over the years, but also land that doesn’t look after itself in any tidy shape or form. And how quickly do grass and trees grow?

Land management planning may have been put firmly on the backburner until next Spring (when you were told things started to grow) and forgotten about in the cloud of dust left after your move. But with our UK climate changing so fast, with longer wet spells followed by long dry periods, Mother Nature is not playing by our rules anymore. Additionally, looking after land in the same way as it has been managed by the previous owner may not suit your purposes at all – in fact it could be adding to an unknown problem which will cost you a lot more to fix further down the line. A new way of managing land is needed.

A top tip here – when you exchange contracts, ensure all works are stopped unless you’re sure you want them to continue – and you know the downside.

 At James Gillies Consultancy, we work with you to identify your needs and vision for your property. How would you like things to look in 10 or 20-years’ time?

We will use a commercial drone (we are Civil Aviation Authority Approved Operators, with Permission for Commercial Operation) to help us survey and map your property, identifying any areas of concern and areas with potential for improvement. We will also use the drone to look at water, woodland and infrastructure to help us and you make informed decisions.

Once we have collected our data, we’ll put together a 10-year management plan to balance your requirements with wildlife needs, allowing you to maximise the potential of your property all budgeted and over an agreed timeframe.

We can also introduce you to sources of external funding that may be able to finance some of the work.

Once a plan has been agreed, we can if required, manage the land for you utilising our trusted expert contractor associates to ensure the timely delivery of the required services on budget.

James Gillies Consultancy work with you long-term to ensure that you achieve the best financial return and the greatest possible enjoyment from your land whilst attending to the needs of wildlife and the environment.  

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