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The intensification of farming, building development, disease and non-native invasive species have all taken their toll on woodlands across Britain. Wildlife rich habitats have disappeared or become fragmented and the landscape has become more prone to flooding during the dramatic weather events, assumed to be caused by climate change. Air and water quality have also been affected by the decrease in woodland habitats.

Ancient woodlands are important and particularly valuable for biodiversity and our environment, with ground flora being as important as the trees. Woodlands left alone and and unmanaged will take care of themselves to an extent and if that is what the owner wants, all is fine. But for a woodland to be self-sustaining, the process of death and renewal need to be in harmony and the area of woodland must be of a significant size. It’s a form of ‘re-wilding’ and will only work on a large scale.

Woodland has been tamed and re-planted over centuries and many species became adapted to a more managed landscape. Previously managed woodland can be restored through programmes of planting and management and new woodland can be established. Woodland old and new provide crucial habitats for flora and fauna and with hedges helps to connect habitats across the landscape.

Trees absorb pollution, greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide whilst reducing noise when planted as part of construction, development and infrastructure. Areas of woodland bring pleasure to millions of people and timber is a saleable commodity for land owners. Rare trees which yield beautiful veneers, wood for fuel and wood chip all deliver financial returns so our woodlands are once again worthy of our attention.

The market for selling or offsetting carbon sequestrated by woodland is relatively new but has potential to be a valuable source of income for woodland owners in the future due to UK Government legislation – net Zero carbon emission by 2050 will be a significant challenge.

At James Gillies Constancy we provide a comprehensive tree and woodland management service working with you to fulfil your vision for your land. From new woodland creation to developing management plans for ancient woodlands, often supported by grant funding, we’re here to help.

We are registered as a Project Developer with the Woodland Carbon Code and are Consultants to the Woodland Trust.

We can help you with:

  • New woodland planning and creation
  • Grant funding for tree planting, woodland management and maintenance
  • Carbon offsetting – your own carbon footprint or selling carbon on the open market
  • Writing woodland management plans
  • Felling licence application
  • Project managing practical woodland management work
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