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In addition to their significant aesthetic appeal, wild flower meadows offer huge benefits to native wildlife. Sadly, over 95% of our meadows have disappeared since WWI due to changes in agricultural practices and urban development. Every new wild flower meadow which is established will truly make a difference, whether it is sown in a domestic garden or large scale rural setting.

Wild flower meadows provide important habitats for a variety of wildlife everything from bees and butterflies to bats and small mammals. Once established, a meadow requires minimal maintenance save for cutting in the autumn. They deliver colourful displays throughout the spring and into the summer whilst improving each year. The longer a meadow is established the more effective a habitat it becomes.

At James Gillies Consultancy we provide a full wild flower meadow management service, from initial soil analysis to meadow design, establishment and ongoing maintenance. The service includes the supply of wild flower seed, plugs (young plants) and bulbs dependant on the design and specification of your meadow. These can be of local provenance, if required. I also offer a comprehensive ongoing wild flower meadow maintenance service.

In order to maintain a rich and productive meadow I advise that you do some maintenance in order to ensure that your meadow remains aesthetically pleasing, for wildlife you can leave it – this depends on what your main aim is from creating a meadow. Cutting the meadow will allow seeds to embed giving them the perfect growing conditions for the following year. The cuttings must then be collected to enable the establishment of new growth as if you allow the cuttings to rot in to the ground it will put too many nutrients back in to the soil and you will end up being over-run with grasses. Grasses will grow faster and stifle your wildflowers.

To discuss a meadow project, plan or for advice on the best way to provide a beautiful and functional habitat for wildlife please email me
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